How you'll move towards mastery.

Growth At The Center

When a school decides to organize everything it does around a student’s growth, a lot of exciting shifts begin to happen.

The Elements of Mastery

The Mastery School’s programs allow you to personalize your journey while also digging deep into ideas, skills, and knowledge.

All of it — every single piece of it — has your growth at the center.

The language we use to describe school will sound a little different because the kind of learning that they inspire will be a lot different.

Program Elements:

Element 1: Macros

Macros are interdisciplinary experiences designed around challenges that students receive from community partners. Students work in teams to solve complex, real problems for real people in their community. Students take one Macro each semester.

Element 2: Micros

Micros are self-paced individual and small group learning experiences designed with mentors to help students dive deep into subject areas that they want and need to master. Micros can range in length between three weeks and a full semester, depending on a student’s needs and interests. 

Element 3: Wayfinding

Built-in opportunities to meet regularly with a mentor as well as a group of other students to process what you’re learning and to reflect on what it means to your particular journey. In Wayfinding, you’ll explore your identity, identify your strengths, and strengthen your sense of purpose. 

Element 4: Intensives

Three-week immersive sessions that meet all day, every day. Twice each year, you’ll join your peers from the Upper School where you’ll dive deeply into topics together, such as Rocket Science or Shakespeare. 

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