Welcome to the Mastery School of Hawken. We can’t wait to meet you!

The Mastery School is all about individualized learning, so our admissions process is about getting to know you as an individual. We know that applying to any high school can be daunting and that it also takes time to learn about the Mastery School’s groundbreaking program. In addition to looking at our frequently-asked questions, we encourage you to consider this timeline as you are applying to the Mastery School.

The Application Process

Both Hawken high school campuses share the same admission standards. You can apply to either school or to both at the same time.

Acceptance to Hawken is dependent on two factors: applicant qualifications and availability of space. Because spaces are limited and the applicant pool is competitive, it is to the candidate’s advantage to complete their application by the admission deadline listed below for entry in the fall of 2024. Applications completed outside this timeline are considered on a rolling admission basis and may be subject to limited space and/or limited Flexible Tuition.

Remember that the Mastery School and the Upper School are two parts of one high school. That means you belong on two campuses and with all of Hawken’s high school students. During Intensives, you’ll be in class together, and after school, you’ll be on the same teams, in the same plays, working toward the same goals with each other.

If you’re applying to Hawken from another school, you can find details of our application process here.

Are You Ready?

We’re accepting applications for our fifth class of rising 9th and 10th graders for the 2024-2025 school year!

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who should apply to the Mastery School?

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  • How much does the Mastery School cost?

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  • How do Mastery School students get into college?

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  • Do you require an entrance test?

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  • What is the first step I should take if I am curious about the Mastery School?

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  • When should I start my application?

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  • How do I know if my child will be accepted to the Mastery School?

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  • What makes the Mastery School different from other high schools?

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  • Do I have to apply to the Mastery School and Hawken Upper School separately?

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  • Can only 9th and 10th graders apply to the Mastery School?

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  • Can students at the Mastery School participate in Hawken extracurriculars like sports?

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Important Dates

To register for any event, please click on the RSVP links below or through your applicant checklist if you have started the application process.

For more details, email or call (440) 423-8801

Prospective Parent In-Person Visits: (Click here to RSVP)
Tuesday, 10.10.23, 9:00 AM
Wednesday, 12.6.23, 9:00 AM
Thursday, 1.4.24, 9:00 AM

Prospective Parent Virtual Visit:  (Click here to RSVP)
Thursday, 11.2.23, 7:00 PM (on Zoom)

Fall Open House: Sun 11.12.23, 1:00 PM (Click here to RSVP)

Spring Open House: Sun 4.21.24, 1:00 PM (RSVP Coming Soon)

Prospective Student Visits: (Click here to RSVP)
Thursday, 9.28.23, 9:00 AM
Friday, 10.13.23, 9:00 AM
Thursday, 10.26.23, 9:00 AM
Tuesday, 11.14.23, 9:00 AM
Wednesday, 11.29.23, 9:00 AM
Thursday, 12.14.23, 9:00 AM
Tuesday, 1.9.24, 9:00 AM 

Application Deadline: 1.12.24

Flexible Tuition Deadline: 1.12.24

Notification Date: 2.9.24

Responses Due: 2.29.24

We'd love to connect.

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