Mastery School students have access at no cost to a daily activities shuttle that departs the Mastery School at 2:35 PM and heads up to the Gates Mills campus in time for sports practices, Hawken Players Society, Speech & Debate, and more.

Hawken additionally offers three choices of transportation services for its students. The costs are unique to each service, and Flexible Tuition may be available. Transportation assistance is not guaranteed, however. Please be advised that all locations are selected each year based on a sufficient number of requests for a specific area.

1. Campus-to-Campus Shuttle Service
For families who live or work near Hawken’s Gates Mills, Lyndhurst, Birchwood, and University Circle campuses, the campus-to-campus shuttle may be the most economical means of transportation for your student.

2. Central Point Bus Service
Central point service locations are selected with access to shelter and telephones so that students from several homes can meet safely for group pickup. Should door-to-door service not be available in your neighborhood, we hope that one of our newly established central point pickup and drop-off locations will work for your family, at appreciable savings.

3. Door-to-Door Service
Students are picked up and dropped off at their homes or at an individual pick-up/drop-off location. Door-to-door routes are established each year based on parent application and sufficient ridership.

Public School Options
In addition to Hawken transportation options, a number of schools provide free public school transportation to Hawken’s Lyndhurst and Gates Mills campuses, or offer reimbursement in lieu of transportation. To obtain specific information about how your child can ride public school transportation, or to apply for reimbursement, please contact your local school transportation department in August or early September.

Click here to read more about transportation options at the Mastery School.

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