Our Approach to Education

Teaching and Learning for the Future

Most schools today still subscribe to an Industrial Age model for education, one that is not well-suited to the realities of the Information Age we are currently living in.

But the Mastery School of Hawken provides an alternative model that considers the profound changes in our current society. We use a methodology developed by our Founding Designer that helps you develop the deep and enduring skills needed for success in today’s world: critical thinking, creative problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and citizenship. And in doing so, we keep you engaged in work that matters to you and to the world around you.

One way we do this is through Macros – interdisciplinary experiences where you work in teams for up to five hours a day to solve real challenges for a community partner. Macros include offerings in problem-solving, humanities, political systems, architecture, engineering, entrepreneurship, and more.

The Mastery School of Hawken will not only make learning meaningful; it will challenge and teach you not just to navigate the world around you, but to lead, serve, and thrive in it.
The Mastery School is a Korda Institute Demonstration School

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