Navigating your time and space on Magnolia Dr.

Let’s say it’s Thursday. It’s October.

You know your way around the campus. You’ve been working on teams in your Macro for the past six weeks. Your Micros are awesome. You’re feeling good as you walk down Magnolia Drive and into Academic Building 1…
  1. 8:08
    First things first, you drop into Office Hours for a quick chat with Ms. Griffin, your Wayfinding Mentor. You tell her how much you love the topics you’ve been working on in your Ethics & Technology Macro, and she suggests that you pursue it further in Studio.

    Upstairs you go, passing Mr. K who’s eating his bagel and chatting with the group working with him on a Music from Math Micro. Sounds like they’re in the middle of completing their final projects for next month’s Micro Celebration of Learning.

  2. 8:30
    And you’re here — the whole Mastery School up on the third floor. Today during Community Time, Mr. Faturoti shares the club schedule of the week, highlighting the student-run opportunities for you to meet up with peers. You are excited about getting back into the Fab Lab during Maker Club tomorrow to continue your Halloween costume design with Teacher Annie.

  3. 9:20
    There’s enough time to head to Ac 2 for hot chocolate and to finish up your reflection for your Macro. You’ll need it for your meeting with Ms. Hodges tomorrow morning to discuss feedback from your last challenge and set goals for the next one.

  4. 9:24
    Time for Micros. Currently, you and one of your friends are reading graphic novels. There are four of you in your group, and Ms. Peters has been showing you how to engage in “book club workshops.” You just finished up reading American-Born Chinese, and you’re recording your discussion to keep in your portfolio.

  5. 10:20
    Your other Micro focuses on geometry in architecture. It’s a lot more complicated than you thought it would be when you started. You talk to Ms. Zielinski, who shows you that you can improve on the model without having to start over from scratch.

  6. 11:15
    Lunch! What’s on the menu? Chicken parm with roasted broccoli. Pizza (veggie and pepperoni), vegan curry, and as always, an ample salad bar with loads of veggies and proteins. You fill your tray and join Mr. Cheadle at the Spanish-speaking only table to practice your conversational skills. After eating with your friends, you go out to the Green to play some frisbee before Macros start.

  7. 12:12
    Your Macro, Ethics & Technology, opens with News Circle, as it does every day. After a discussion ranging from the latest news to who’s favored in the Browns game this weekend, it’s time to get on the bus and head over to Nottingham Spirk for the next Challenge Delivery.

  8. 12:55
    You didn’t see this one coming, but here you are in a professional industrial design FabLab where a woman named Dr. Costello describes your next challenge: Help us design a better battery-powered prosthetic for a child who has lost her arm. You overhear someone in class whisper, “I can’t believe she wants my help on this,” which is exactly what you are thinking.

  9. 1:48
    You come back from Nottingham Spirk, and your new team gets together to re-state the challenge in your own words. Once you get a good challenge re-statement, you and your teammates begin to research into what makes prosthetic design complicated. You also see how much a new prosthetic can change a person’s life.

  10. 2:30
    You say goodbye to some of your friends who are sticking around at the Mastery School for some of the afternoon activities, and you hop on the bus to Gates Mills. They’ve got the WiFi up and running on the bus now, so you’re able to sign onto the Gale database and do some research into battery-powered prosthetics that already exist for your Macro.

  11. 3:15
    You get off the bus at the Gates Mills campus and make your way to soccer practice. Your teammates from the Upper School meet you out on the field, and you have a few minutes to chat before the coach calls you all over to get started.

  12. 5:30
    You get home and take some time to relax, have dinner with your family, and hang out with your friends.

  13. 6:19
    You start reading your next graphic novel called Persepolis — Mr. O’Connor recommended it highly, so you’re looking forward to it. After about half an hour of that, you text your teammates and ask if anyone needs any help with their initial research on the battery-powered prosthetic. You email your team a link to a TED Talk you found on industrial design. This gets you thinking — what prototypes might you want to design and construct? Before you close up for the night, you write a quick email to Mr. Plácido and Mr. Waitzman, asking if either of them could meet you during Office Hours tomorrow.

  14. 9:00
    Get to bed! Did you know that teenagers need 7-9 hours of sleep a day to have healthy cognitive function? Well, we know it, so we don’t want you burning the midnight oil. Get to sleep, and we’ll see you in the morning!

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