Discovering strengths. Acting with purpose.

What's Wayfinding?

At The Mastery School, our program is designed to help each student develop a sense of both belonging and purpose: 

Belonging, meaning that you are part of a greater whole. 

And purpose, meaning the work you do really matters to you and, often, to someone else who needs your help, insight, hard work, and brain power.

Part of how we’ll do that is through our Wayfinding program. At the Mastery School, you’ll  meet regularly with your Wayfinding Mentor and a group of other students
  • To process all that you’re learning.
  • To chart your course and identify the next stop on your gradient ascent.
  • And to reflect on what your learning means for your journey.

The ‘Why’ Behind Wayfinding

This part of our program is inspired by the spirit of indigenous traditions of wayfinding. It helps you to find the intersection of your strengths, what you care about, and what others in the world need.
Wayfinding creates the space, time, and connections for you to process and make sense of all that and more. Your Wayfinding Mentor is also the one to help you learn how to build a credit portfolio that truly reflects who you are, what you’re really good at, and what matters most to you.

This work isn’t extra; it’s essential, which is why it’s built into your weekly schedule.

Exploring Identity and Strengths

The first step in Wayfinding is really about knowing yourself, your values, what motivates you.

Along the way, we’ll explore what it means to belong to yourself and to a community.

As you engage in real world problem-solving in your Macros on teams, you’ll begin to discover your strengths. As you experience what it means to design your own learning experiences in Micros, you’ll learn more over time about the things that light you up.

In Wayfinding, you’ll take all those insights and use them to plot your course, understand your choices, and shape your future.

Acting with Purpose

Just to be clear: We don’t believe that your job in high school is to find your one purpose in the world; after all, purpose is something that evolves as you grow and as you learn more about yourself.
Instead, we think high school is the right time to learn how to act with purpose, meaning learning how to make choices deliberately and through deliberation.

It also means focusing your energy and time on work that matters so you can connect what you do as an individual to something greater than yourself.

In Wayfinding, you’ll not only have the space and tools to act with purpose, but you’ll also have a caring  mentor who believes in you and who’s psyched to accompany you on your journey.

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