Ed Kim

Founding Faculty

I admire the iconoclasts of the world and believe that the most amazing things come when we marshall our unique abilities to create something new out of the familiar.  My greatest memories have come from serendipitous opportunities and my best academic experiences have come from beyond the classroom.  My near-20 year technical career has given me a foundation that includes MRI/NMR research, computer games, software engineering, systems architecture, and information security. The only thing I love more than the tech is forming bonds with eager young minds and I hope to encourage them to embrace modern technologies, to tinker around with it, and to build something that is their own.  In my spare time, I may be found watching a K-Drama or Korean movie, playing games on either console or PC, studying LV Raiders football, buying stickers or stationery, listening to podcasts, and possibly taking a ballet class or two.</span>

Contact Info: ed.kim@hawken.edu

Ed attended Carnegie-Mellon University for 2 years before transferring home to University of New Mexico where he received his BS in Pure Mathematics with a minor in Literature.

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