Claudia Tausz

Founding Faculty

I live and teach using the scientific method: make observations, generate questions, test hypotheses and draw informed conclusions – then repeat the process. In today’s technology-centered world, facts are at everyone’s fingertips. As a science educator, it’s my goal to get students involved with the process of discovery and to encourage keeping up with cutting edge research. I believe that the habit of critical thinking is an important and versatile resource for any challenge that one may face, in science or otherwise. I also believe that research works best in collaborative settings, where ideas can be freely exchanged in a culture of trust and respect. I come to the Mastery School with over 15 years of experience in environmental research in many sectors of the field, including academia, non-profit institutes and private industry. I enjoy passionate conversations and sharing ideas with others, and I feel my best when I can be helpful. Outside of the classroom I spend my time cooking, reading love stories, marveling at pond life under the microscope, and raising three spirited children.

Claudia earned a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Hampshire College and an M.S. in Environmental Science and Engineering from Oregon Health and Science University. She is currently enrolled in a doctoral program in Regulatory Biology at Cleveland State University.

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