Bryan Overbaugh

Technology Support Specialist

Over the years, I have become convinced that education, marked by self-awareness, authenticity, and diversity, is fundamental to a holistic journey toward understanding.  When we bring the truest form of ourselves into our relationships, new and exciting possibilities and intersectionalities begin to emerge.  The most exciting part of my role, here at The Mastery School, is being able to journey with students as surprising conversations arise, and technical support issues need solving. Helping students work through tech issues, as I see it, is an act of empowerment and support for both their journey toward self-awareness and their path toward being a lifelong learner. Through the unconditional support of my beautiful wife, and three children, who are unable to contain the vast sea of potentiality that lies within, I am inspired and energized to do hard work.

Bryan holds a Masters of Divinity (MDiv)  from Ashland Theological Seminary, and a BA from Malone University.

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