Ailey Picasso

Founding Faculty

Learning is not a solo activity. I believe the community we make in the process and the practice of learning is essential to our growth as individuals and participants in our society. I love to cultivate collaborative learning environments that work at the edge of thought and practice while investigating self-expression and communal development. Working with young people as they develop the critical thinking, communication, expressive, and self-reflective skills they will need in this evolving world is a thrilling process. My experiences as a student and educator have spanned the performing arts, humanities, cultural studies, and the natural sciences. Through my work as a dancer and choreographer, I have come to view the classroom as a studio; a rich site for passion, curiosity, and experimentation. Outside of the classroom, I often find myself on long walks, catching up with family and friends near and far, trying to understand the latest TikTok trends, or spending time with my partner.

Ailey earned a BA in Molecular Biology and Dance from Hampshire College, an MFA in Dance & Choreography, and a MA in American Studies from the University of Iowa.

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