Where you learn can shape what,
how, when, and why you learn.

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Why Our

At the Mastery School of Hawken, you’ll spend your days at the intersection of cultural treasures and community activists; artists and entrepreneurs; heart surgeons and the heart of our rich and rising city.

Our location between University Circle and the Glenville neighborhood means that you’re a short ride from downtown Cleveland and a short walk to arts organizations, universities, and a few hundred non-profit organizations working to build a stronger and more just future for our neighbors, for our city, and for us.

These experiences aren’t field trips; they’re the way you will learn. You won’t be a tourist; you’ll be an apprentice to an expert or a partner to a professional as you use your talents, brain power, and creativity to help them figure out a real solution to a real problem.

What Does That Kind Of
Learning Look Like?

  • In the  Engineering Macro, you might partner with the pediatric occupational therapists at United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland to design and adapt toys to be more accessible to children with a range of physical impairments.  You’d   learn to apply human centered design principles in addition to the design and prototyping skills more typically associated with engineering. 
  • In the Many Stories Intensive, you might work with the social entrepreneurs at Third Space Action Lab to inspire people who learn about racial inequity to take meaningful action dismantling racism. You would learn and apply systems thinking to entrenched social issues, and study the science of motivation to encourage those who disagree with structural racism to take action within their respective spheres of influence in order to help build a more equitable and just world.
  • In the Happiness Intensive, you could  partner with a nearby public K-8 school to study childhood positive psychology, focusing on what makes people happy.  You’d  interview students and faculty and use that data to try to improve their happiness — and you’d probably learn a bit about your own sources of contentment and purpose.
  • In the Macro on the Foundations of Problem Solving you might partner with a pediatrician at University Hospital  to understand the effects of air pollution on adolescents. By developing solutions to bring awareness to the problem in Cleveland, you’d learn not only about sustainability practices, but you’d also discover how the environmental crisis has its  roots in racism and socio-economic disparity.


Our campus includes four century-old homes that have been converted into classroom buildings. With artful architectural details and historic charm, it’ll become your home away from home. 

Classrooms are of varying sizes which suits the different kinds of learning experiences in Macros, Micros, and Wayfinding.  We also have a science lab, a makerspace, a full service kitchen and a dining hall, and a campus green.

These spaces, though, are not the school. Instead, think of these buildings as your homebase and the whole city is your place to learn.


Your work at the Mastery School will urge you out into the world, but you’ll always know where your home is.

A Bus Ride Away

When the school day ends at 2:30, the Activities Bus heads to our Gates Mills campus where you’ll find athletic fields, a theatre stage, and acres of woods for the Outdoor Leadership program. And that’s just a start.

Hawken has one high school with two options, which means you’ll feel at home on our other campus too.


The 2022-23 application is open!

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