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Having access to two campuses means double the options for activities and social time. You can pursue your passions on our home campus, or head straight over to the Upper School after class and take part there. 

Students have a big hand in all of our clubs and activities, so you’ll have the chance to develop a deep sense of agency and voice, and you can take on — if you choose — key leadership roles.


Research shows that in a lot of high schools, students experience their greatest sense of autonomy, mastery, and purpose — all the qualities that correlate with deep learning — on the courts, fields and the stage. At most schools, though, that learning is considered extra and something you do over there.

Here, we consider this kind of deep learning essential and something you do everywhere.


After months of testing prototypes on the Robotics Team, you might produce a program that lets the robot move independent of a driver. Just imagine how that new expertise is going to help your team in the Engineering Macro.

Or maybe you’re on the Speech and Debate Team and, after months of research, you join your team at a tournament and debate the U.S.’s foreign policy in the Middle East, an idea you first had in your Argumentative Writing Micro.

Or perhaps you’re a field hockey captain, and you run the team meetings and set an example of sportsmanship, compassion, and perseverance — techniques you practiced while on your second Entrepreneurship challenge.

When it comes time to choose evidence of your learning for Mastery Credits, you’ll pull examples from all of these experiences. After all, learning at the Mastery School is all about applying what you learn in class because you’re building skills you can actually use while working on challenges that matter.


Credit chasing, though, is absolutely, positively not the point. Instead, we believe you learn wherever you are, and so wherever you are is an opportunity to grow.

And, hey, if you find evidence of your growth in a club or a sport or a performance, here at The Mastery School of Hawken, you can get credit where credit is due.

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Campus Activities

As one of our first students, you’ll have the unique opportunity to help co-design our activity offerings. Sure, you’ll have mentors to lean on and peers to help out, but you’ll also get to develop a strong voice as you explore your interests and express your thoughts and opinions.

Interested in cooking? Start a cooking club. Hoping to make music with your peers? Let’s talk about small ensemble opportunities with our neighbors at the Music Settlement.

Here you’ll find opportunities to stretch yourself and contribute to the community, with museums, nonprofits, and artistic centers to your right, left, and there just beyond the bend.

In our first year, our Founding Class launched the following clubs:

B.L.A.K. (Bringing Love and Kulture) Girls Affinity Group

Coding/Robotics Club

Gender and Sexuality Alliance

Dungeons and Dragons Club

E-Sports/Gaming Club

Philosophy Roundtable

People of Color Club

Feminist Club

Learn more about Hawken’s Upper School Programs:

Need a Ride?

If you’re joining in on the fun at the Upper School, hop on our activities bus after school and you’ll be with your Hawken friends in about half an hour.


The 2022-23 application is open!

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