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The Mastery Transcript

Sometimes the end of the story drives the whole story. That’s how it is with the high school transcript with its semesters, and course titles, and letter grades. The transcript shapes the very education it hopes to measure and represent.

That’s why Hawken’s Head of School, Scott Looney, founded the Mastery Transcript Consortium in 2016. With a membership of more than 300 public and private schools, the MTC is developing a digital transcript, a whole new record, that truly reflects the unique skills, strengths and interests of each learner, and that effectively translates your learning to colleges.

Not only will your Mastery Transcript reflect your growth, but it will also showcase your mastery of skills, knowledge, and passions that the traditional transcript simply can’t capture.

But What about College?
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“Personally, I think The Mastery Transcript would be a great thing. It would allow us to understand students’ stories in a deeper way.”

Karen Richardson, Dean of Admissions Princeton University

“There is an authentic voice or lack thereof that we are not getting in our applications … I am excited to see the many ways the Mastery Transcript can give us a deeper sense of a students’ abilities, their potential, and the progression that students and their educators have seen over their four years.”

Mark Hatch, Vice President for Enrollment Colorado College

“In the long run, if we are successful in transforming how we deliver education to students and ultimately how we assess that…when we look back in 20 to 30 years from now…I believe MTC will have been a catalyst to that movement.”

Kedra Ishop, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management University of Michigan

“I don’t think it [implementing the Mastery Transcript] would be that big of a climb, because when you look at admissions from a holistic perspective, you’re much more interested not in the GPA or the grade, but how [the student] got there. The Mastery Transcript would help us answer that question of how they got there.”

Zina Evans, Vice President for Enrollment University of Florida

“I care deeply about the collaborative spirit that we can’t get from grades and GPA. We need a better understanding of how kids work with peers better for example — that is really beneficial for the selection process.”

Jarrid Whitney, Vice President for Student Affairs, Enrollment and Career Services California Institute of Technology

“I think more and more high schools are going to start to turn to those kinds of things. And my sense is that more colleges will start to use the Mastery Transcript as an alternative to grades.”

Richard Weissbourd, Director, Making Caring Common Initiative Harvard University

Human Relational
Skills Count, Too

Human relational skills — like collaboration, communication, and persistence — are in high demand, but education hasn’t historically measured these abilities.

At the Mastery School of Hawken, we know how important human relational skills are. As a result, your growth will reflect learning, not just within narrow boxes or subjects, but through the broad range of your knowledge, skills, and habits including the vital and necessary skills of being a reliable, principled, and compassionate human being.

The Mastery School will nurture these skills, and the Mastery Transcript will give you credit for them.

Colleges Are Changing Too

Colleges and universities around the world are reconsidering their admissions practices. More and more are moving away from standardized tests and seeking ways to see students beyond what the typical transcript can show them.

After all, admission officers at selective institutions want to see more than just numbers when reviewing applications; they want to see a story. That’s the magic of a Mastery-based education and the Mastery Transcript.

The Mastery Transcript Consortium is designing this new transcript in partnership with colleges and universities to ensure their success with admissions officers.

Students from MTC member schools all over the country are successfully applying with their Mastery Transcripts, and they’re earning admission to colleges and universities everywhere.

When the time comes to apply to colleges, you’ll have a dedicated college counselor here by your side along with a dynamic and illustrative Mastery Transcript to make you and your story stand out.


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