Who is This School for?

Is Mastery Learning right for you?

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We do school differently here. The Mastery School is an exciting and engaging place, and it works best if you bring a few traits and attitudes.

Raise Your Hand And Consider Applying If One Or More Of The Following Describe You…

Curious about How Things Work

You like to tinker, design, take an old computer apart and put it back together again. If you had keys to a Maker Space, you’d bring a cot and move in.

Interested in Growth

You embrace new experiences. You’re curious and are excited about the endless possibilities in the world.

Ready to Make an Impact

You care deeply about social justice, environmental responsibility, or community building. You want to help, and you’re looking for partners.


Boldness here means gutsy in curiosity and fearless in intellect. Undeterred by challenge, you love questions just as much as we do.

Exploring high school options should be fun, and we hope that’s true of your experience with us. If there’s anything you’d like to ask us, a small question or a big one, feel most free. We look forward to connecting with you.

And we do love questions,
so please contact us.


The 2022-23 application is open!

Visit How to Apply to get started.