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Learn about  Flexible Tuition

We believe that The Mastery School of Hawken will be transformative for students and that the world needs more citizens who engage with its problems and promises. That’s our urgent calling.

We want our community to mirror the real world with a diverse student body enriched by the representation of all socio-economic backgrounds.

This is why we are deeply committed to making the Mastery School of Hawken accessible.

Not only is our tuition considerably lower than that of most Cleveland area independent schools, but we also offer families several options to make a Hawken education affordable.

Our commitment to accessibility can be seen in the $10.3 million we dedicate to tuition assistance each year, the largest assistance budget of any independent school in Ohio. Just under half our student body (45 percent) receives some form of aid, as part of our Flexible Tuition Program.

We urge you to reach out and to start the journey. You might be surprised.

If you think you may qualify,
we encourage you to apply.

Hawken has the largest financial assistance or Flexible Tuition budget of any private school in Ohio. Through the Flexible Tuition Program, Hawken provides $10.3 million in assistance to 45% of the student body. 

Options For Tuition

We encourage families to apply for tuition assistance if they have concerns about affordability, and we have a few different options for you.

  1. Mastery School’s Flexible Tuition

    The need-based Flexible Tuition Program allows families to apply for reduced tuition. In this case, instead of “receiving financial aid,” families apply to pay the amount for tuition that makes sense for their individual financial situation. Flexible Tuition Applications for new students to the Mastery School are due with your admission application on January 15th, 2021. 

    To Apply:

    Step 1: Complete a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) at School and Student Services (SSS by NAIS). The code for The Mastery School of Hawken is 200086.

    Step 2: Upload the required supporting documents to your account at SSS by NAIS.

  2. James A. Hawken Merit Scholarship

    The majority of Hawken School’s tuition reductions are based solely on a family’s demonstrated financial need. However, a highly select group of high school students will be eligible for merit scholarships through the James A. Hawken Merit Scholarship Program, based upon the strength of their academic record, personal qualities and anticipated future contributions to Hawken School.

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Our tuition and fees vary a bit by grade.
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