Our Commitment to Equity

Our beliefs guide our actions.

You are welcome here.

At The Mastery School of Hawken, students and teachers share a community that welcomes and respects all. Our Founding Classes welcome students from over thirty middle schools and dozens of neighborhoods, and each student brings a unique perspective and set of experiences that will add to our collective home.

To create that kind of dynamic, energized, and welcoming school community, all of us have to practice a deep commitment to the principles of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice:
We celebrate our differences as a sign of our communal strength.
We commit to building systems and processes that provide every student, from the broadest range of backgrounds, what they need in order to thrive.
We welcome students from every background and identity to engage as their full and authentic selves because the social, intellectual, and emotional wealth of our community hinges on the contributions of every member of our community.
We believe a good education produces citizens with robust social imagination who are equipped with the tools to question systems that produce injustice and who are committed to building systems that create just outcomes for all.
We've woven these principles into the fabric of every aspect of the Mastery School because we believe that who you become is just as important as what you become.

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