Mindy Roth / September 15, 2020

A School For Students Designed By Students

Back in the early winter of 2018, a group of seniors joined an Intensive called “Designing the Ideal High School.”

They assumed the class would be a thought exercise in educational reform. Plus, there was a trip out to the Bay Area, which sounded alluring in late November.

It turns out, of course, that this was not a simulation. Earlier that fall, Hawken had purchased the campus of what, eventually, became The Mastery School of Hawken.

The course was designed as a Macro, and they spent three weeks working with Head of School, Scott Looney, and Director of the Mastery School, Julia Griffin, diving deep into the research on learning and exploring their own experiences with high school. At the end, they presented their recommendations, many of which helped guide the Mastery School’s programatic elements and priorities.

We’re grateful for their wisdom, insights, and energy. They were critical members of the team that envisioned Mastery School of Hawken. We hope the school that bears their fingerprints makes them proud as they’ve made us.

Spend a few minutes hearing directly from them about the experience as well their hopes and dreams for the school.